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TaxiFair in New Platforms

Which mobile platform would you like TaxiFair to work on?
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Total votes: 37

TaxiFair is your real-time taximeter that estimates the actual cost of a taxi trip, predicts the cost before you even get into the taxi, keeps track of your routes in your device or in remote storage provided to you, offers statistics about your routes and routes of other users. TaxiFair mobile application can help you make your cab fare … fair!

The application can be used in many areas around the world, since the appropriate catalog and taxi tariffs are downloaded and used. The number of locations around the world which are supported TaxiFair mobile application  is continuously increasing. For details please check ‘Supported locations’.

The described functionality is available for the paid Full version.

The free version, TaxiFairLight, only supports TaxiPlan – Cab Fare Prediction Operation.


A wireless data plan must be active on your Windows Phone 7. Internet access is required for taxi rates catalog download, for map interaction and use of remote cloud storage.

Location services must be activated on your phone. Location services are required for real-time Taximeter Operation and taxi rate catalog match for your current location.


Extended use of location services requires more power from your device and can severely reduce the battery life of your mobile phone.


 About catalogs and taxi tariffs

A catalog of taxi rates is a set of taxi tariffs applied in one area. A catalog can have more than one tariff, usually based on time (e.g. day/night) and date (e.g. week day/holiday) criteria. These time and date criteria are automatically adjusted for in TaxiFair mobile application. There may also be geographical criteria, but these are only covered manually in the current version. In the latter case you can manually select the appropriate tariff.


will show you the active catalog page with all available taxi tariff rates, as these are updated in our system.

Important: On this page phone numbers and e-mails can be immediately accessed, where available, from within the app, so that your complaint or disagreement for a specific route or a specific taxi driver can be registered with the relevant authority or organization.

Taxi Plan – Cab Fare Prediction Operation

In this screen you can chose to have a first estimation of the trip you are about to make on a local taxi. The application will use a catalog based on the Start point and select the appropriate taxi tariff(s), according to the day/date and time of trip.

Important: You cannot change the tariff selection in this operation.

A Start and an End location must be input. You can select your current location with the CURRENT LOCATION BUTTON

or input a Start and/or End address in the search box that will be recognized by Bing Maps, or tap and hold on any point on the map and set as Start or End.

Hint: For better address recognition on the search box, we suggest that you use street name, number, city/prefecture and country.

A grey pushpin is displayed on the map.

Tapping and holding on any displayed pushpin will open up a context menu, where you can set the location as a Start, End or you can Delete the pushpin.

Selecting 'Set as Start', the PUSHPIN will turn GREEN and this will be your starting location. Setting the Start location will determine the tariff catalog that will be used.

Selecting 'Set as End', the PUSHPIN will turn RED and this will be your destination.

On the top of the screen you can select the day and time of your trip, so that the correct taxi tariffs and traffic data be used for the prediction.

By default or if you press the relevant CURRENT TIME BUTTON

your current time and date will be displayed and used.

Once all the data have been input, pressing the CALC BUTTON will provide you with an estimation of the cab fare even figuring in the traffic! (Bing map data should be available for the selected region).

Pressing the TO METER BUTTON will transfer the route (predicted route in BLUE color) to the TaxiMeter Operation screen, where you can compare with actual real-time readings of the trip.

Hint: The Taxi Plan Prediction screen can be used even when you have already started a route in Taxi Meter Operation.

Taxi Meter – Real-time Cab Fare Calculation Operation

In this screen the application will calculate, in real time, the cab fare for a route.

Important: Location services must be active.

Your position is displayed on the map.

A Location Services (GPS) status bar is displayed. The GPS status bar is RED when accuracy in inadequate, YELLOW when acceptable and GREEN when good.

Important: The application’s real-time TaxiMeter Operation can only work when the GPS status bar is Yellow or Green.

The active Catalog and Tariff to be used is determined by your current location. Use of the CATALOG REFRESH BUTTON

will refresh the active catalog.

The ATC ON INDICATOR/BUTTON shows that the tariff applied is Auto selected. You can override this by manually selecting one of the available taxi tariffs (if, for example, a city’s boundaries are crossed and the taximeter is set to another tariff). The ATC OFF indication will then appear. If the ATC OFF BUTTON is pressed once more, the Auto mode will be re-applied and the ATC ON indication will now appear.

Hint: The ATC default value is controlled by the 'Auto Tariff Change' setting in the SETTINGS PAGE.

The Total Time, Total Distance and Net Charge (only for the distance and time of the trip, without extra charges) of the trip, are shown on the upper left side of your screen.

You can START running the TaxiMeter Operation, you can STOP it and then you can SAVE the specific route.

The calculated taxi rate to be paid will be continuously updated, simulating the taxi’s taximeter. The taximeter reading will be displayed in the upper left corner of your screen, while the expected payment (including minimum payments, extras you have selected, etc.) will be displayed in the lower right of your screen.

Hint: If 'Auto Save Route' is enabled in the SETTINGS PAGE the route will be saved each time 'STOP' is pressed.

You can look and move around the map even while the TaxiMeter Operation is active. Tapping on the CURRENT LOCATION BUTTON

will re-center your map on your current position.

While the TaxiMeter Operation is running the route is drawn (Orange line) on the map, where you can also see any planed route (Blue line) you copied from the Taxi Plan Operation.

Hint: Tapping and holding on a Taxi Plan route allows you to delete it.


On this screen you can find your saved routes. Data are stored locally, but can also be stored on the cloud, on secure servers, that do not identify the user of the phone and only be accessed by the phone device.

Individual Routes can be selected by tapping on them and then be EDITED, UPLOADED, DOWNLOADED or DELETED. The actions can be performed by pressing the relevant BUTTONS.

Uploading your data saves valuable space on your mobile phone. Uploaded data can be downloaded back to your phone. You can chose to view LOCAL, REMOTE or BOTH (locally AND remotely) saved data, by ticking the appropriate selectors.

In order to upload, you need to provide the actual payment that you made. This can be done by selecting the route and pressing EDIT. The actual paid price (required) and a brief description (optional) can be input. Once this is done, you can have a complete, retraceable data set of your trips.

When a certain amount of your routes have been uploaded, you can have access to a wealth of statistic data, designed to help you profile and arrange your taxi travels.


When a statistically significant number of data is available for the area (number may vary according to area) of the active catalog, then Area Statistics are also available for you to see and compare with your own.

Available statistics comprise of average distance per trip, average cab fare per trip, average time per trip, etc.

Your Statistics and Area Statistics will only be displayed when a significant amount of routes have been successfully uploaded.


Pulling up the bottom row will reveal the SETTINGS hyperlink. Pressing it will send you to the Settings screen.

On this screen you can find and set initial/default characteristics of your mobile application such as Auto Tariff Change (ATC ON/OFF) and Auto Save Route.


Where a catalog/taxi tariff carries Extras or Fixed Fees / taxi rates, these are displayed on the Extras Page.  The Extras features, if active, will be available on both the TaxiPlan Prediction Operation and the TaxiMeter real-time Operation.

On the Extras page you can find, on a scrollable menu, all extra payments relevant to the active taxi tariff, such as Radio Calls, From/To airport fees  / taxi rates, baggage fees, etc.

Multiple items (e.g. Baggage over 10 kg) can be added with the onscreen +/- BUTTONS. The corresponding fee is added to your total.

Single items (e.g. From airport) can be ticked ON or OFF (default OFF). The corresponding fee is added to your total.

Hint: For specific routes in an area Fixed Fees / Fixed taxi rates  may apply. In the current version, Fixed Fees are not automatically applied. If your route meets the criteria for Fixed Fees, select the appropriate fee in the Extras Page to see the final applicable charge.


When a cab fare is displayed, the Details Page shows the components that make up your final charge. The Details Page is available on both the TaxiPlan Prediction Operation and the TaxiMeter real-time Operation.

All available details, such as total time, total distance traveled, waiting time, charge while running, charge while waiting, etc. are shown on this page


​Should you have any further questions or comments, please contact us here. You may also use our blog to send us comments or recommendations.