TaxiFair adds support for more areas in the USA 

Monday, January 02, 2012 5:31:00 PM

The TaxiFair team has just completed the addition of tariff support for more areas in the USA. California has been the one state that benefited the most from the recent additions: The whole of Orange County (with cities like Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach) is now included in the tariffs of TaxiFair. Los Angeles and San Francisco cities have also been included, since they are home to several million people, but are also some of the most visited cities of the world!

Casino goers will be glad to know that Las Vegas, as indeed the whole state of Nevada, have been included.

Finally "Windy City", Chicago IL, the third most populous city in the US, can now benefit from the use of TaxiFair in their Windows Phone 7 devices.

We now think we have covered a large part of the most populated and/or most visited cities of the US.

Our intention is now to add areas in Asia, Australia and Europe, before adding more support for the US. In the mean time, if you think that we should take another course of action, please let us know, either using the supplied contact us form or email us directly at

Thank you very much for your support! 


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Taxi fare meter … fair charges and scams? 

Thursday, November 17, 2011 6:26:00 PM

The taxi driver has a taximeter… get your own and don’t be taken for a ride


Let’s be honest with ourselves. Every one of us has been or has heard from a close friend that has been ripped off by a taxi driver.

“The taxi driver drove in circles… resulting a 3 mile ride to take an hour”

“The figures in taximeter changed like hell”

“The driver charged me for the air condition”

…. And the list goes on.

Even though the majority of taxi drivers deliver their honest services in a very difficult working environment, taxi scam has become a sport among some taxi drivers in many cities around the world. And the passengers are left unprotected with nothing in their arsenal to defend themselves against these unethical practices, but to pay and make a complaint.

The most common tricks these taxi drivers use to rip off passengers are:

  1. Tampered taximeters. Taximeters are mechanisms to calculate taxi fare rates based on time and distance. Authorities should make sure that all taxi meters work accordingly. But that’s not always the case. The meters are checked by authorized and registered engineers on behalf of the relevant authority, but sometimes this is not the case. Unauthorized persons may tweak the meters. This can be done by increasing taxi charges per time or per distance, increase the rate that distance or time is metered
  2. Wrong taxi fare rate applied. In most areas there are more than one taxi fare rate applicable. Each taxi fare rate is applicable in certain conditions depending on time and/or location. There is a rate for traveling inside a zone or city limit in daytime and another for outside that zone and/or at night. A few local taxi clients know when and where each rate should be applied. Needless to say that the big victims of such a scam are tourists and generally people not familiar with the city.
  3. Long-hauling, aka “taking the scenic route”, which means that the driver takes a long and therefore more expensive route, in many cases with the excuse of avoiding traffic for the best interest of the client, which is barely the truth.
  4. Fictitious extra taxi charges that do not apply to the situation or that even do not officially exist.

But what can we do about this?  What if we could know exactly what are the taxi fare rates and the rules at the moment we enter the back seat of a taxi. And even more what if we had our own taximeter to calculate the taxi charges based on time and distance. What if we knew exactly the surcharges that should be applied? What if we could plan which is the best route, even if we don’t know the city.

But now… we do KNOW the taxi fare rates and the surcharges, we PLAN our taxi route and we HAVE a taxi meter of our own. We have TaxiFair for Microsoft Windows Phone 7 (and soon for other smartphones as well).

So, don’t be taken for a ride! Use TaxiFair. The cab fare calculator/ taxi fare calculator that pays for itself from the first time you need it!

With taxi tariffs in cities around the world and more being added every week, TaxiFair provides you with a real-time taximeter mode, using the published catalog and tariffs for the selected city or country! With an accuracy of over 97% in the estimation of the amount payable for the cost of taxi, during field tests!

First optional step is to plan your route. You can set the departure point and the destination point and the appropriate taxi fare rate catalog (if supported) will be downloaded and used in computation of the fare. The route is also shown on the map. You can copy the route to the meter so that you can check if the taxi is long hauling.

The moment the taxi driver starts his meter you start yours and you can check if both charge at the same rate. In addition to this, your own meter informs you how much time you are traveling, what is the distance you have traveled so far, which portion of distance or/and time is charged and how much that is. So you have a meter that cannot be tampered and you have the route, distance and time metered as a proof of our journey.

If your current location is supported, the taxi fare rates are automatically downloaded and displayed and, with the Auto Tariff Change feature enabled (default condition), TaxiFair automatically switches to the one rate that should be applied.

If the condition, which is prerequisite for a certain rate to be applied, cannot be made known to the application or if the user is sure that the certain rate should be applied, he can select the rate and the meter will continue from that point to use the manually selected tariff.

At any time the TaxiFair (global taxi fare calculator) meter runs - in the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the route - the applicable surcharges are presented and the user can confirm and select the conditions that demands the surcharge (e.g. number of pieces of luggage)

At the end of the trip, stopping the meter concludes taxi charges / cost of taxi. The total data (time distance and route) is available as proof. But that’s not the end of use of TaxiFair global taxi fare calculator. For each tariff catalog used, the contact details of the relevant authority are available, so you can submit any complaint via phone or email directly within the application.

A completed route can be saved for future reference, allowing the user to have a history of his taxi rides. An online storage for each user is provided to upload his routes and save storage in his device. Uploaded route is used to calculate statistical data so you can check how much use of taxi services you usually do and even if you haven’t been in the city before, you can check taxi usage statistical data from other users in the area. Here, you may find additional information on how Taxi Fair works.

So, go ahead…use TaxiFair global taxi fare calculator.

TaxiFair… a swiss army knife for taxi riders.



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